Fences, Gates, and Deck Repair

Colorado sun, winds, and winters are brutal to fences, gates, and decks.  That’s why we build and repair with quality materials and experienced craftsmanship. We’ll keep your fence standing, gates working, and decks safe.

Fence, gate, and deck repair have been a mainstay of Centennial Property Maintenance for many years. We use the highest quality materials available to reduce the need for repairs and maintenance in the future. Quality products, expert workmanship, and happy customers matter most to us.  You can count on your project being built solid and safe. See our list of services below.

New Fence Design and Installation


Combine high-quality materials with our superb workmanship. The result is an attractive fence that can handle the challenges of our harsh Colorado weather with grace and ease year after year. Centennial Property Maintenance has a team of fence experts who can design and build a fence for any taste or need. Fences do not always have to be straight. If you want something different, let us know, we love a new challenge! If you want something different but cannot decide, talk with us, and we can give you suggestions.

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Fence Repair 

Don’t ditch that old fence before you call us! In some cases, a fence needing replacement might only need a few new posts or pickets to remain perfectly serviceable. Invite Centennial Property Maintenance for an assessment, and we will help you decide the most effective course of action for your situation.

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Fence Staining


By staining your fence, we can breathe new life into an old but structurally sound fence! The experts at Centennial Property Maintenance will apply stain the old-fashioned way, by hand with a brush or roller, giving you a top-quality job not attainable by a spray-on stain. We only use the best quality stains, creating a rich, lasting finish that will extend the life of your fence for many years to come.

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Gate Installation and Repair

Are you getting tired of wrestling with a broken or ill-fitting gate?  Centennial Property Maintenance can fix that in a flash!  It’s time to enjoy the satisfying feel of a smoothly operating gate with secure new hardware.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t get it fixed sooner.  We can also install a new gate in your existing fence wherever you need one.

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Deck and Porch Repair


Are you afraid to walk on your deck with your bare feet? Centennial Property Maintenance will sand and smooth your deck’s exterior wood surfaces to level and reduce splintering and tripping hazards. We will inspect all the structural components of the deck, porch, or stairs and recommend repairs if needed. We can also apply a high-quality sealer for many years of worry-free use if you wish.

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