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Kitchen Renovation

Centennial Property Maintenance


Kitchen Renovation

Centennial Property Maintenance



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Property Restoration Services


CPR_logo__no_tag.epsCentennial Property Maintenance is a family owned, local business providing quality residential PROPERTY MAINTENANCE in Centennial Colorado and surrounding areas since 1999. We take pride in our ability to provide every project with the careful attention and professional effort that is necessary to achieve exceptional results.

Centennial Property Maintenance works to build lasting relationships with all clients, regardless of the size of the project. Over the years, our clients have informed us that it is important to have one company to provide quality services for their home maintenance and property improvements.  We know our clients and make sure that they always remain important to us.

Our diverse staff of experienced and trained property maintenance specialists offers a unique personalized experience to all our clients—one call to Centennial Property Maintenance all that is necessary.  We can do almost anything you need for your home, lawn, and landscape. Visit our Services Page to learn more.  We are committed to providing all our clients with timely and cost effective solutions to any maintenance need on your property.

Exterior Paint and Siding

PaintingContractors_NMThere are many ways to paint your home, and we have tried them all. We have chosen to only paint exterior siding using brushes and rollers, leaving a high quality finish not attainable by spray painting. Before we paint, we’ll remove any loose caulking and fill all of the cracks and seams with the highest quality caulk available. If you’re thinking that your siding may need a little more than just a coat of paint, invite us over for a siding inspection. We’ll have a look at the siding and all of its components and identify current damage, as well as make recommendations for avoiding future problems. No, we’re not psychic; we just have a lot of experience with siding!

Kitchen Remodeling

We humans seem to have a need to change our environment from time to time. Sometimes it’s because things feel old and outdated. Other times, the space that we live in just doesn’t fit our needs any more. Whether you’re contemplating a full kitchen remodel, moving a wall, or just replacing some base boards, we can help you to feel comfortable in your own home again. Have a look at some of our remodeling projects and invite us over to chat about your ideas.

Bathrooms and Showers

Bathrooms and showers have exposure to moisture. This leads to challenges with mold on surfaces, grout and caulk.  When moisture gets under grout or behind tiles and caulk, it will soak into the dry wall and insulation creating conditions for mold to grow. Mold is the cause of much sickness and illness in our homes. Many times this can be resolved by redoing the tile grout and caulk in your shower. Other times it all must be taken out, treated and replaced. It you desire new sinks, toilets or vanities, let CPM install them properly.

Handyman Services

Plumber 52

We all know those people that can fix just about anything. Are you not one of those people? Well boy, are you in luck! We have a whole bunch of them! The list of household repairs that we can perform is long. Below are a few examples of what we can do. If you don’t see what you need, call us. Chances are, we can fix it!

Door Adjustment, Drywall Patching, Drywall Texture, Light Fixture Installation

Faucet Installation / Repair, Valve and Plumbing Repairs, Sink and Shower/Tub Installation

Drafty Window Adjustment, Cabinet Repair, Relocation and Door Adjustment, Custom Shelving


Window and Door Replacement

Siding, Roofing, Windows, YardReplacement Windows and Doors can add beauty and efficiency to a home. We use quality materials and and are meticulous about our installation process.  Whether a single door or window replacement or a full replacement, we will do the job correctly and guarantee our work.  We also inspect your home to determine what work needs to be done and can assist with the what type and style of windows or doors may work best for your home.

Roofing Services

Our roofing contractors have many years of experience and training.  We use quality materials and and are meticulous about how we remove and replace a roof.  Whether a partial replacement, a leak fix, or a full replacement, we will do the job correctly and guarantee our work.  We also inspect your roof to determine what work needs to be done and can assist with the what type and style of shingles can be used.


Fence & Deck Services

Fence and Deck Services have been a mainstay of our business for many years. We have learned that using the highest quality materials available greatly reduces the need for repairs and maintenance in the future. Combine high quality materials with our superb workmanship, and the result is an attractive fence or deck that can handle the challenges of our harsh Colorado weather with grace and ease, year after year. Our experience contractors can repair or design and build a fence or deck for any taste or need.  Learn More


Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide superior service with lasting workmanship, honesty and fair pricing.  Property Owners choose Centennial Property Maintenance because we achieve what we promise, going the extra mile to satisfy our clients.”


Why Choose Centennial Property Maintenance?

Quality. Centennial Property Maintenance is a family-owned and operated local company located in Centennial Colorado.

Pride. Our Property Maintenance Services are provided by an experience, well trained, professional crew.  We take pride in our work and want our customers to be completely satisfied with the results.

Safety.  We take SAFETY seriously. From the processes and activities to the materials that we use, SAFETY is utmost important.

Stress Free. Centennial Property Maintenance offers the state of the art, online customer account portal. Our customers can login and order services, send messages, and pay their bill, all from the convenience of their home.

Timely and Responsive.  We respect our customers’ time and schedule.  Our communication is prompt and responsive.  We show up on time and leave as scheduled. We desire to provide our services without inconveniencing our customers.

Centennial Property Maintenance Service Areas

We serve Centennial Colorado, Littleton Colorado, Highlands Ranch Colorado, Sothglenn, Heritage Greens, Ridgeview Hills, Oakbrook, The Highlands, Highlands 460, Four Lakes, Cherry Knolls, Homestead, Homestead Farms, The Willows, Foxridge, Walnut Hills, Heritage & Heritage Place, South Littleton, South Bridgee, Ketring Park, Columbine, Villages at Raccoon Creek, Tree Ponds, Bow Mar, Highwoods, Stonebury, and surrounding areas around Centennial Colorado.


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 If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (303) 713-9306 or for additional information.